Business Process Automation Service

  • Business Process Automation Service

  • Business Process Automation (BPA) is the practice of analyzing, documenting, optimizing and then automating business processes. The business process is basically the flow of information which is modified by value-added tasks. This process begins with the first communication with the customer till the delivery of the product is finished. Business process automation helps in developing a well-organized business processes to create a flexible link with the customer interface through the supply chain. This automation process manages the accuracy of information transferred and also ensures the repeat-ability of value added tasks accomplished.

At Four Ultro, we understand that efficient automation of tasks saves time and provides endless benefits. In addition, there is a direct correlation between an increase in sales and an increase in company efficiency within days of implementing a business process automation system. Sales representatives now have time to focus on what they do best – sales.

BPA is based on three main fundamental principles:

Orchestration: Helps the organization to generate a system that provides centralized management of enterprise computing architecture.

Integration: Merges business functions by ensuring the business process automation system is spread across the centric boundaries of the organization.

Automated execution: Reduces manual workload

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