Infrastructure Support And Maintenance

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4 Ultro has the people and the technology to ensure that your core infrastructure remains an asset you can rely on to deliver business value. Your IT infrastructure is the framework that allows your organisation to function.

[pullquote]One major advantage of 4 Ultro is their ability to provide proactive monitoring of our network and high quality remote support through their application.
Mashhour Amayre, Partner Trading[/pullquote]

Whether your business is spread across multiple sites, or concentrated in a single area of activity, in today’s technology dependent economy, very little business can be transacted if your IT infrastructure fails.

As the old proverb says: “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. If one key component in your network fails, there is no network, however well maintained and resilient other components may be. 4 Ultro understands these crucial business truths.

A combination of The 4 Ultro platform and expertly qualified 4 Ultro people ensures that clients’ infrastructure problems are pre-empted and/or resolved as swiftly as possible, minimising any impact on trading and profitability. “4 Ultro is in business to keep you in business.”
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The Service

We offer a combination of pre-emptive monitoring, reactive monitoring and rapid problem resolution, via a range of support applications incorporated within The 4 Ultro platform.

[pullquote]Our proprietary server monitoring application Life-Signs allows us to predict and prevent many network problems before they impact on individual users.
Abdul Aziz, 4 Ultro Technology Consultant[/pullquote]

In terms of proactive monitoring: our proprietary server monitoring application (Life-Signs) allows us to predict and prevent many network problems before they impact on individual users. For reactive monitoring we use a market-leading monitoring tool, which alerts us the moment any core infrastructure element becomes unavailable.

4 Ultro has the experience and the expertise to deal with problems as they arise, whether in the core server architecture, or elsewhere within the client network including firewalls, switches and hubs.

Outside of the network, 4 Ultro supports and manages connectivity, security and remote access needs and issues. Our infrastructure support and maintenance service does precisely what it says on the tin: minimising infrastructure downtime, and increasing productivity within your business.
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[pullquote]I have had the best support for a long time since we have started using 4 Ultro, all engineers are pleasent to talk to and provide a very prompt service.
Ameen Mohammed, Dar Alshifa Hospital[/pullquote]

You can depend on us to keep your infrastructure up and running, and to deal with problems quickly and effectively:

[list_item]The 4 Ultro platform incorporates a set of bespoke tools that proactively monitor and pre-empt, as well helping us to resolve issues rapidly as they arise.[/list_item]
[list_item]We have a large pool of highly competent and well trained engineers with expertise in a broad range of technologies.[/list_item]
[list_item]Our wide range of clients, means that we have extensive experience of a wide variety of network architectures.[/list_item]
[list_item]We have extensive experience of managing and supporting core Microsoft platforms, whether running on single server or redundant, high availability environments.[/list_item]
[list_item]As part of our process, we look beyond individual incidents, seeking opportunities to prevent recurrence.[/list_item]
[list_item]We provide clear and transparent reports on all aspects of our work. These include reporting upon the time taken to resolve issues.[/list_item]

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Tell Me More

If you’d like to know more about this service, or would like more information about other 4 Ultro services, please feel free to contact us, either via the e-mail link below, or by calling us on :

+963 949 661881