Structured Cabling Systems

The business applications need the combination of voice applications with extreme support for graphics, data, integrated services digital network connections and many other services over a single, standardized cabling system. SCS is an ideal technology to ensure optimum performance and minimize life cycle costs.

An inferior structured cabling system can cause up to 70% of network downtime.An effective structured cabling system is crucial to the success of your organization. SCS facilitates the continuous flow of information, which enables the sharing of resources and supports smooth operations.The significance of this cabling system has increased right alongside the rise of MANs, LANs, and WANs.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced Costs
  • Move your network wherever you go
  • Easy maintenance
  • Excellently support of future applications

At Four Ultro, we provide structured cabling system services for your existing or new infrastructure. We create a schematic of your current infrastructure/design a solution to make your organization’s network more safe and secure.